Visuals from scamps to highly detailed work


My name is Marty, I am an artist based

in London. People have called me an illustrator, a cartoonist, designer and a creative but I think for me, whatever you want to call it - I call it making pictures.

I have been doodling all my life, from as young as two and I could hold a crayon and make a mark on the wall, to today, where I am still making marks.


I have a variety of styles, from the very colourful and detailed artworks to very simple pared down black and white sketches and everything in between!


I feel very much at home using a pencil  and making rough ideas on paper to drawing totally digitally on a computer tablet.


If you want to see my Fine art work

click the link below:

Just some of the clients I have done work for...

to Paper & Pixel


Call Marty on: 07956 629990