Bringing your ideas to life

So what's on the menu when you contact us here at Paper & Pixel?

Firstly I would tell you that I have over 15 years experience as a London based professional artist, completing artwork for private  and commercial companies. I draw quality cartoons for websites, greetings cards, magazines, newspapers and books.

All my work is completed digitally, but it starts life as a drawn doodle on  a page. I am able to make quick changes when needed and once I start on the computer I can give you what you require on time!


So for starters what about some cool website graphics and illustrations? I can design creative elements and be able email them quickly and cleanly to you without loss of quality as a JPEG, PNG or Tiff files.






How I Work

When I receive your brief it will give me a guide as to what price I should charge . Once we agree a fee I will confirm with an emailed contract setting down what is required for the job to be completed. I can begin sketching out loose scamps in early idea style. When I have done this stage and emailed you them - discussed feedback and made changes I will then complete a second more detailed set of drawings in draft form  (Black and white Line art), At this stage there may be minor changes and then after this point I will finish the final artwork.

I can email you the final piece(s) as JPEG, PNG or Tiff files or send them to a drop box site for you to pick them up. Also hard copies (that's paper to me and you) can be sent by post too.

I can meet most budgets and give you a fair price for my work.

Time equals money, so a more intricate slick detailed full colour illustration will be more than a simple black and white drawn version.

Book illustration

To give you an example Book illustration is typically £200 - £250 per page for many illustrators. I can do a full page colour artwork at £150 per page. You could have 10 illustrations completed in under 2 weeks and sent to you in no time at all. So if you have an idea for a book whether you are a professional or first time author, having your story illustrated may be cheaper than you think. With many print-on-demand websites like Blurb for example offering instant publication you really can make your dream reality.

What you'd do

Once you have sent me the full script of your story (with additional thoughts and particular detail) and we are clear as to each page layout and flow, I can begin. Over the next couple of weeks I would send you drawings both sketched and digital and we would sign off each page step by step. On completion of all sketches being signed off I would then go ahead and colour them and you would have no surprises as each page would be just as you require.